Software Development Trends in 2018 that Will Dominate 2019

Jessica Williams
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Software Development Trends

Currently, the software development ranks as the number one job in the US. Although the demand for developers is nothing new, it has seen a significant rise in the last two years with the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

The work of a developer touches almost every life on the planet. Hence, more people are moving into the development sector and picking the trending technology. This year is an exciting and important year for software development for several technologies, but what if you choose a technology for development and it goes out of trend next year? A few technologies became viable, while others became mainstream.

Software Development Trends in 2019

It is a well-known fact that any technology can fade in no time due to new and rapid advancements rolling out every now or then. Hence, you have to be aware of the advancements in the technology industry and trends that can benefit your business in the future.

Below are the top software development trends in 2018 that will carry themselves and dominate in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Organizations of all sizes consider digital transformation as the core part of their business strategies to better compete in the market. Business leaders cite artificial intelligence as the key driver of digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, often called as Thor’s Hammer, is getting into everything nowadays. According to the leading analyst firm Gartner, the revenue of the AI industry will reach $1.2 trillion by the end of this year, up 70% from a year before. Further, the AI-derived business value is expected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022.

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This clearly shows that AI will be a trend at least for the next few years until the technology becomes mainstream. AI will be used by more than 40% of the organizations to automate their business in 2019.

Businesses implement AI technology for execution of several tasks to provide high-quality services and enhance customer experience. Few of the practical applications of AI include voice-activated home assistants, big data, smartphones and more.

If you are a keen software developer, then artificial intelligence development is something to keep an eye on.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain became a hot technology trend because of Bitcoin. But, this technology has its applications beyond the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of interconnected computers for storing data or information which can’t be modified or stolen by anyone. It is a distributed ledger technology which removes the need for central entities.

The blockchain development is quickly and rapidly gaining ground as all the industries and companies are either adopting it or planning to adopt in the future. Blockchain allows authentication of large-scale transactions in no time and removing the need for expensive intermediaries. Thereby, reducing costs.

Companies associated with all the industries including healthcare are seeking blockchain to apply it in the supply chain, medical data, administration and more to streamline processes.

Most of the leading tech companies are stepping into the blockchain game and introducing their own platforms based on this technology to drive adoption. IBM launched its IBM Blockchain platform last year and it’s collaborating with banks, governments, distributors and more such organizations. Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle are also pushing further with the blockchain technology.

What this means for software developers is that organizations in every industry will start building blockchain-based applications and demand for blockchain developers will explode.

Progressive Web Apps

The websites or web pages that look and act like native mobile apps or conventional apps are known as progressive web apps (PWAs). The PWAs provide benefits of mobile experience along with the features of browser technology.

Progressive Web Apps

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Gartner had counted PWAs as a software development trend in 2017 and it is likely to continue as a trend in 2019 as these apps are less complex to develop and maintain as compared to conventional mobile apps.

Low-code Development

Even though the low-code development is around only since a short time, the technology has grown faster among the businesses. It provides a faster way for building and deploying enterprise-grade applications.

Recently, a company like Siemens acquired the low-code development company Mendix for $730 million. This clearly shows that low-code development will be a software development trend in 2019 as it is overtaking conventional development methods. It allows developers to build software without much expertise in coding.


According to a research by Alert Logic, 18% of the organizations reported at least one security incident in the last one year. Protecting data loss and leakage (67%) is the biggest concern for cybersecurity professionals, followed by threats to data privacy (61%) and breaches of confidentiality (53%).


Such statistics indicate that businesses of all sizes are concerned about cybersecurity and they are increasingly looking towards the software development industry. This opens a new path of opportunities for a web development company.

Final Words

The developers with right skillset have a vast set of opportunities. The software development trends that are likely to dominate the upcoming year as well demand more than basic development skills but it’s never too late to learn new things and enhance the skills, right?



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