We live in a society where people see intelligence as a way to measure a person’s value and is considered to be one of the fundamentals for their intellectual capacity. Smart people get into the best colleges, get the best job, receive the highest salaries, are leaders in schools, these are the kind of examples that probably describe the term intelligence among people.

So if you are the smartest of a designated group, it is quite normal that people follow you, or some are advised to follow your footsteps as a lot of doors might open for you. …

brain games for kids

Brain games are a great way to stimulate your kid’s mind. They are fun, help improve cognitive functioning and even an effective way to minimize the mindless and passive media consumption. If you are looking to develop your kid’s young mind, exercise their cognitive abilities and lay a foundation for mental health — here are the ten brain games for kids to get started.

1. Sudoku

Let’s start with the classics. Sudoku is a popular puzzle game played by kids and adults of all ages. It has stood the test of time due to its simple and straightforward rules and a number…

Here’s the issue. We all know passwords have significant importance. They are the key to access our digital information. And a strong password is a sine qua non in this digital world.

But even then, when it comes to setting up these passwords — we snub the system’s warnings and create something that’s easy to guess and easy to crack-most common passwords — first name, first six natural numbers, name of a favorite band or favorite football team. And this is an open invitation to a malicious intruder — to break-in and exploit our sensitive information. …

User testing also called product testing/design testing/usability testing is one of the most important factors in the lifecycle of an application. It is about testing the design and usability of an app with real people in real environments. This helps you find issues with the app, how users feel about it and how you can make things better.

An app achieves success only if it goes through repeated testing. User testing helps you gain insights letting you know what is working and what is not? It is like watching the reactions of real users who use your app. …

AI and Machine Learning in Front-end Development

Building an intuitive and engaging website is the primary goal of developers. They need to go through several processes, including drawing concept sketches, building prototypes and testing the website before pushing it live.

These processes don’t happen overnight. In fact, developers spend weeks and months to build a beautiful and responsive website. But the advancement in technologies is making things easier for them.

The modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are accelerating front-end development and making coding and testing of website layout easier, faster and more efficient.

Especially, the deep learning, a part of machine learning, is…

Web Development Trends in 2019

Websites are meant to convert potential visitors into rewarding customers. For this, we have web developers who work ridiculously hard to grab visitors’ attention and keep the existing customers engaged.

However, with steep advancement in the sphere of web development, it has become difficult for businesses to maintain a progressive conversion rate. Web development companies following mundane tactics are likely to fade away sooner than expected. Whereas the ones who update with time and make an effort to best respond to evolving customer needs will shine.

To stay ahead of the competition, modern-day web developers need to keep up with…

Software Development Trends

Currently, the software development ranks as the number one job in the US. Although the demand for developers is nothing new, it has seen a significant rise in the last two years with the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

The work of a developer touches almost every life on the planet. Hence, more people are moving into the development sector and picking the trending technology. This year is an exciting and important year for software development for several technologies, but what if you choose a technology for development and it goes out of trend next year…

According to an intelligence consulting report, the customer experience and the feedback will overtake price and product quality as key differentiators of brands by 2020.

Well, this means if you aren’t working towards raising your client’s experience, you may lag behind in the race very soon.

One of the biggest troubles for any customer is to see something not working the way he desires it to work. This is maybe because of various reasons one of which can be that the customer cannot operate it well or he does not have the knowledge to operate it.

Well, whatever be the…

The world is moving towards crowdfunding platforms. Start-ups or small groups who strive to get fund for achieving their goals are now accepting the concept of crowdfunding and this has boosted the use of crowdfunding platforms.

New to crowdfunding? Wondering what is crowdfunding platform and how it could benefit you? Let’s dive deep into it and understand this new trend.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the collaboration of the crowd for an impactful financial support.

According to Wikipedia, “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via…

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Angular 5!

The superheroic JavaScript MVW framework Angular is back with its latest version. Though there were some delays in its release which was anticipated in September and October, Angular team recently announced its latest version Angular 5.0 on November 1, 2017.

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